We are a non-profit organization providing early childhood education in the vibrant city of Irvine. At Pomegranate Schools, parents, teachers, and children are partners in a learning community that emphasizes each child’s unique abilities in thinking, reasoning, questioning and experimenting within their environment.

Pomegranate Schools nurtures whole-being intelligence. With passionate dedication, we cultivate a child’s logical, verbal, visual, musical, kinesthetic, inter-personal, intra-personal, naturalistic and existential awareness.

Our teachers are experienced, highly-qualified, and multi-lingual.

Our curriculum explores math, language, social studies, science, foreign languages, expressive arts (music, dance, theater, arts) and gardening.

Our core learning values include perseverance, self-discipline, courage, creative thinking, respect for learning, inquisitiveness, compassion, and effective communication.

Our program is play-based, and centers around the children as active leaders in designing their experience. Our classroom is an energetic, orderly, and engaging learning environment. We establish a foundation that supports a lifetime’s love of learning!