The Pomegranate Child

The Pomegranate Child is the very heart of our schools. From where their learning starts at child-led, child-discovered education and play, to the day they graduate from Pomegranate Schools, the child is our driving force and inspiration. Our mission is to serve each and every child’s individual needs, to listen, to foster independence, and inspire creativity. The Pomegranate Child is a child that is fruitful, ambitious, prosperous, and full of joy. Click the button below to learn more about the Pomegranate Child.

The Pomegranate Child

Our Unique Environment

At Pomegranate Schools we strive to maintain an environment that cultivates an abundance of joy, strength, growth and play, and an abundance of inspiration and ideas, collaboration, and exploration. Our physical environment is important to us, as we know it has a direct impact on how children learn and how inspired they feel. So we place value in our clean and inviting, energetic, beautiful space. Check out our environment for yourself!

Our Unique Environment

Nutrition And Menu

At Pomegranate we know that a child’s nutrition is just as important to their growth as their education. Lunch and snack times are an opportunity to practice independence, to learn new fine motor skills, and to enjoy some delicious and healthy meals as a community! Pomegranate Schools offers lunch, morning, and afternoon snacks daily and the food we serve is based on the lunches of french school cafeterias. Click below to see our menu and learn more about how we do meal times!

Nutrition & Menu


Pomegranate Schools holds the goal of sharing life relevant, purpose-driven education with all our students and families. We utilize a dual-philosophy in educating our students that includes what we find to be the most beneficial practices from both Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori educational models. If you’d like to learn more about both, and how we incorporate these into our curriculum, click the button below!

Our Philosophy

Dual Language-Immersion

At Pomegranate Schools we hold a great appreciation for cultures of all kinds. Along with this appreciation of culture comes our appreciation of language, and we know children of toddler-preschool age are at a wonderful developmental stage for picking up new sounds, words, and language skills. All of our teachers and staff speak English primarily, but our students also receive lessons in Spanish and conversation in both Spanish and Russian. We look forward to developing these classes into an immersion program

Childcare 6 Days Per Week

(Coming Soon!)

Pomegranate Schools currently offer childcare 5 days per week, Monday – Friday. We look forward to adding Saturday Care to our schedule!