Our school was inspired by the Montessori and Reggio Emilia educational models. Their philosophies are characterized by a seamless blending of theory and practice. We are honored to uphold the integrity of these methods in our school, promoting the following attitudes about children, teachers, and parents:

CHILDREN are born explorers and should be encouraged to express their discoveries in their own languages. They thrive in a diverse learning environment, with many opportunities for stimulating their senses and encouraging fantasy play while developing practical skills.

TEACHERS are partners in learning with the children. They offer resources and facilitate safe play. The teachers also observe the learning styles of each child and offer intentional support as the children construct knowledge. Documentation, such as photos, notes, and collaborative analysis, serves as a tool to help understand and guide decisions.

PARENTS enter into the relationships and interactions at our school as the most important people in the life of their young children. With strong, consistent communication and mutual respect, teachers and parents participate in complementary and cooperative knowledge for the well-being of the children.