Since 2017, Pomegranate Schools has provided a hot lunch program based on a delicious, international,  balanced, whole-food menu. Meals are created with fresh, unprocessed, non-GMO ingredients. We serve organic meat and dairy. As our garden grows, lunch will also include food the children harvest themselves.

At Pomegranate Schools, we believe so strongly in providing a holistic education for all students. So much of this starts with addressing basic needs, such as food. We believe that food absolutely influences how we feel, how we learn, and how we grow. Because of that, our preschool has spent time developing an exceptional food program that is designed to help every child thrive.

Because of our food program and how we believe food affects learning and development as a whole, we have some limitations in place. We do not allow children to eat or bring snacks that are high in artificial sugars. Please refrain from bringing candy, frosted items, or other junk foods to our preschool. If you’re wondering what types of food are permissible, feel free to reach out to our school!

Children may visit the self-serve snack table during the morning and afternoon. An additional snack will be available during the after-school enrichment program. Water is available at all times. Contact our preschool and early childhood educational center with any questions!