Pomegranate Preschool offers a variety of exciting extracurricular activities that allow children to expand their experience in the arts, physical activity, and even cooking, all while attending school!

Extracurricular classes at Pomegranate Schools include:

  • Dance Class
  • Singing Class
  • Individualized, small-group Visual Art Lessons
  • We are working on including a soccer class and cooking class, very soon!

Each of these classes lasts about 45 minutes – 1 hour long and take place during the school day. Some extend to after school hours as well. We encourage children to sign up for the classes they are interested in. We are vendor-partners of Inspire Charter Schools and accept their payments toward these extracurricular classes.

Note: In order to maintain the integrity, flow, and quality of the program, please pick up your child before or after the afternoon class, but not while the after-school program is still in session. Contact our Irvine preschool for more information!