Pomegranate Schools’ after-school and evening program offers children an opportunity to expand their educational and physical development, cultivate personal interests, and explore wider realms of creativity. Program participation also provides new social interactions (as children from different classes come together) and also builds school community!

Classes at our preschool run from one to one-and-a-half hours long, and activities vary on a daily basis. Children will deepen their understanding and appreciation of music, cooking, art, weaving, sewing, drama, movement, foreign languages, soccer, etc. We encourage children to pick classes according to their interests. We are vendor-partners of Inspire Charter Schools and accept their payments toward these extracurricular classes.

Note: In order to maintain the integrity, flow, and quality of the program, please pick up your child before or after the afternoon class, but not while the after-school program is still in session. Contact our Irvine preschool for more information!